Through 2018

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Varola is thrilled to welcome Designer Camp, a boutique camp that explores the vast careers in the design industry by implementing the principles and elements of design. Students explore the LA Design Industry covering Art, Beauty, Branding, Fashion, Interior Design, Merchandising, Photography, Set Design, Styling, Trend Forecasting and much more.

Designer Camp is at Varola gallery through 2017-18 and is the only comprehensive and collaborative design-based summer camp for young creatives (ages 11 - 17). 

Designer Camp offers four unique week-long programs in partnership with nationally 
recognized design brands and the program gives students the rare opportunity to 
engage and learn through hands-on workshops, informative talks from working designers, and behind-the-scenes tours of studios and galleries.

Designer Camp also partners with non-profit organizations, allowing students to design for social good.

For further information, please visit or email or call 424 333-0329.