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Oculus Gallery is pleased to announce Gloryland, an exhibition of paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Meg Franklin. The exhibition is the artist’s first solo show on the West coast. 

Meg Franklin’s process includes collecting objects, designing a tableau from them and subsequently painting these curated scenes in deep, bold, sometimes acidic colors on velvet. Franklin demonstrates an acute sensitivity to scale and unity of arrangement in her studies of subtle and sophisticated gradations in hue, tone and light. 

Franklin paints still lifes made up of objects that fall just short of identifiable. Reminiscent of everyday items, her objects feel recognizable, but ultimately have no known name or function. Franklin's current body of work uses geometrical enclosures and limited color palettes to isolate her objects into self- contained worlds.

The title Gloryland refers to the name of a fictitious place her father invented that comprised her grandmother's favorite things: sugar-free fudge, dolls, angel figurines and signed photos of pageant queens. The exhibition gives Franklin the chance to create her own Gloryland, full of all of her favorite collected bits and bobs.

A catalog accompanies the exhibition with an essay by acclaimed American designer Harry Allen who states: “Sometimes the objects in the paintings are identifiable, but often Meg obscures and changes them, pushing them just outside of reality...her paintings often look like ‘memories’ or ‘thoughts’ just out of reach, difficult to comprehend. The viewer must just accept and delight in the color, texture and paint strokes and let go of the desire to identify.”

Franklin explains, “The paintings explore the haziness of identity in the face of the human need to establish it. They also focus on the raw physicality of objects. When I take away the function of my objects, I leave behind something purely physical: texture, color, shape. I hope the paintings point to the pleasures of closely observing physical things.”

Meg Franklin lives and works in New York and is originally from rural northeast Georgia. She has a MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art.

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Meg Franklin: Gloryland

Curated by Oculus Gallery

March 22 - May 2

Meg Franklin, Mom's Seaside Dresser, 2017, oil and acrylic on velvet.